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Mature Business Practices                    Improve IT Performance

The leading consulting experts in:

  • Evaluating Individual and Workforce Capabilities
  • Assessing and Growing PM/BA Practice Maturity
  • Managing Project Complexity
  • Executing Strategy through Portfolio Management
  • Discovering and Validating Business Requirements
  • Developing Business Cases
  • Establishing PMOs and BA Centers of Excellence
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Complex Project Management   Business Analysis

Bring our new CPM Workshop to your organization 

Finally Getting It Right: Complex Project Management, a 21st Century Imperative

  • Diagnose the complexity of your most critical projects

  • Identify complexity management strategies to use to significantly increase the probability of project success.

 Participate in our CPM Research Project to baseline the current complexity levels of today’s projects.  You will receive a valuable report on the complexity of your current project.


Investigate the only CPM Assessment Services available in the marketplace today, to baseline the maturity of your current capabilities and the competency levels of your PMs and assist you in developing your CPM improvement and professional development plans.

Groundbreaking Assessment Services

Download Our Groundbreaking BA Research Report: The State of Business Analysis Practices in Organizations

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Bring our BACOE “Best Fit” Workshop to your organization to make the appropriate management decisions to accommodate your organization’s business strategies, culture, and current maturity levels.  Outputs include: business case, scope of authority and responsibility, operational charter, implementation plan, budget and staffing needs, measures of success, governance, and the expected value to be added to the business through the PMP/BACOE mandate.


Investigate the only online BA Assessment Services available in the marketplace today that:

}  Baseline the maturity of your current capabilities and competency levels against those needed for the complexity of your typical work assignments, and

}  Provide you with a customized benchmark report and a personalized professional development plan.

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