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Download Our Groundbreaking BA Research Report: The State of Business Analysis Practices in Organizations



Business Analysis Research Study

Participate in a Pioneering Research Study on the state of the Business Analysis industry.

Study conducted by:

Kathleen Hass, Principal at Kathleen Hass & Associates

  The leading expert in:

  • Evaluating individual Business Analysts and BA Workforce Competencies
  • Using Strategic Enterprise Analysis to Execute Strategy
  • Assessing BA Practice Maturity
  • Discovering and Validating Business Requirements
  • Developing Business Cases and Managing Complex Projects
  • Establishing BA Center of Excellence

Lori Lindbergh, PhD(ABD), Principal Researcher at Lorius, LLC

The leading expert in:

  • Applying Research Best Practices to Measure Individual Business Analyst and BA Workforce Competencies
  • Validating BA Practice Maturity Assessments
  • Conducting Outcomes-Based Research
  • Benchmarking Companies Against Industry Data
  • Conducting Organizational Research for Effective Decision-Making
  • Translating Complex Data into Actionable Results

What is the Purpose of the Research?

The purpose of the research project is to evaluate and benchmark the current state of Business Analysis Practices in organizations and contribute to the advancement of the body of knowledge and research in the field of business analysis.


Where Can I Get More Information?

For more information in the research study, contact Kathleen Hass at kittyhass@comcast.net; 303-663-8655, or Lori Lindbergh at llindbergh@LoriusLLC.com; 540-223-3496.