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Participate in a New Complex Project Management Research Study based on the 2009 PMI Book of the Year

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Announcing: PMI Honors!

Managing Complex Projects, A New Model, by Kathleen Hass

This important contribution to Complex Project Management was awarded the 2009 PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award, to recognize and honor the best project management literature published during the previous calendar year.

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What is the Purpose of the Research?

To determine the current capabilities to manage the complexities of today’s 21st century projects to:

·        Achieve project success in terms of cost, schedule and functions, and

·        Deliver real business value in terms of cost savings and increased revenue?

This study examines three elements about your project:

·        The complexity profile and dimensions of your project

·        The corresponding complexity management strategies that you are using

·        The anticipated results in terms of scope, schedule, budget and business value

Participate if you are in a leadership position on your current or recently completed program or project, (project/program manager, business analyst, lead technologist, chief architect, lead developer, business visionary, or product manager, etc.). The study involves completing an online questionnaire about your project and organization that takes about 15 minutes. 

Study Sponsored by:

Kathleen Hass, Principal at Kathleen Hass & Associates, the leading expert in:

Lori Lindbergh, ABD, Principal Researcher at Lorius, LLC, the leading expert in:

·         Managing Complex Projects

·         Applying  Research Best Practices to Measure Individual Business Analyst and BA Workforce Competencies

·         Using Strategic Enterprise Analysis to Execute Strategy

·         Validating BA Practice Maturity Assessments

·         Assessing PM and BA Practice Maturity

·         Conducting Outcomes-Based Research

·         Evaluating Individual and PM and BA Workforce Competencies

·         Benchmarking Companies Against Industry Data

·         Developing Business Cases and Managing Project Portfolios

·         Conducting Organizational Research for Effective Decision-Making

·         Establishing PMOs and BA Centers of Excellence

·         Translating Complex Data into Actionable Results

To participate in this study: Please click here.