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To Plant the Seeds to Build Mature BA/PM Practices

Authored by Kitty Hass

 To book a speaking engagement inside your company on one of these topics or on a custom subject, contact Kitty at kittyhass@comcast.net

Kitty has delivered the keynote address, various presentations, and facilitated workshops at major industry conferences and for leadership teams of major corporations.  Conference appearances include PMI Global Congress, Project Summit, BAWorld, and the World Congress of Business Analyst.  Fortune 500 and specialty organizations include GlaxoSmithKline, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Vanguard Group, Inc. University of Southern Mississippi, Fairfax County Public Schools, USGS, and scores more.  This list represents a few of our more popular speaking topics.  Presentations are always tailored for the audience.  Customized presentations can also be developed to target to your specific business challenges.


Managing Project Complexity to Eliminate Failed and Challenged Projects

  • Living on the Edge: Managing Project Complexity

  • Diagnosing the Project Complexity Profile

  • Managing Project Complexity Dimensions

  • Selecting the Project Cycle Based on Complexity Profile


Using Professional Business Analysis to Execute Strategy

  • The Living Business Case

  • The Roadmap from Strategy to Execution

  • Professionalizing Business Analysis, Breaking the Cycle of Challenged Projects

  • Top Five Challenges for Senior Business Analysts

  • The Business Analyst: The Pivotal IT Role of the Future

  • The Business Analyst as Facilitator

  • The Business Analyst as Politician

  • Harness the Power of the BA/PM Partnership 

  • The Business Analyst and IIBA – What’s in it for me? 

  •  What does the BA Bring to the Agile Team?

  • How to Improve Your BA Performance in Three Easy Steps

  • Business Analysis Trends: Where the Industry is Going

  • Professionalizing Business Analysis


Business Analysis and Project Management Practice Maturity

  • The Center of Excellence, The Foundation of Mature Business Practices

  • The Roadmap to Practice Maturity, A Two-Year Effort That Produces Bottom-line Results

  • Organizational Maturity Assessments, The Hallmark of Performance Improvement

  • Individual Competency Assessments, The Cornerstone of Professional Development

  • Business Analysis: The Journey to Professional Excellence