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Significant Consulting Engagements

New Zealand Ministry of Education Business Analysis Maturity Assessment

Successfully conducted a formal business analysis organizational maturity assessment for the Ministry IT group.  The assessment used industry proven assessment methods and our organizational capability maturity reference model IIBA® BABOK® version 2.0.  Results included:

·        Organizational Maturity Data Summary Report

·        Organizational Maturity Findings and Recommendations Report and presentation

·        Roadmap and Action Plan designed to close the gaps for level two maturity, and to implement key level 3 capabilities and competencies

Sun Life Financial Business Analysis Workforce Capability Assessment

Conducted an assessment of the BA workforce capabilities of the IT organizations located in Boston, Ireland, and India.  Delivered the keynote address at the BA Summits conducted for the BA community, one in Boston and one in Ireland.

Manheim, wholly owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, Inc PM and BA Assessments

Conducted an assessment of the PM and BA capabilities of the Manheim IT organizations.  As a result of the qualitative and quantified assessment of competencies:

·        Developed a 2-year BA/PM Professional Development Program

·        Implemented an Enterprise Center of Excellence to Steer the Course

·        Provided ongoing mentoring and support services to implement the program

MassMutual Financial Group, IT Strategy and Operations

This ongoing engagement involves facilitated annual workshops for the IT teams of business analysts and project managers.  In addition, provide ongoing virtual and on-site consulting to the IT management team.  Workshops topics included:

·        Communicating Strategically

Developed executive stakeholder analysis, executive messaging, and problem analysis, and alternative analysis capabilities to improve communications and issue resolutions at executive steering committee meetings

·        Finally Getting it Right: Complex Project Management, a New Model

Diagnosed the complexity profile of complex projects, determined the complexity dimensions that are present on critical projects, and determined management approaches to manage the complexities

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company, Organizational Assessment Services

Successfully conducted two formal business analysis assessments: (1) organizational maturity and (2) individual competency for three departments within the 1200-person IT group.  The assessments used industry proven assessment methods and our newly developed organizational capability maturity model and individual competency model based the newly released IIBA® BABOK® version 2.0.  Results included:

  • Organizational Maturity Data Summary Report

  • Organizational Maturity Findings and Recommendations Report

  • Individual Competency Data Summary reports for each business analysis and summarized for the three groups, and for the entire team of business analysts

  • Professional Development plans for each business analysis based on their assessment results

  • Roadmap and Action Plan designed to close the gaps for level two maturity, and to implement key level 3 capabilities and competencies

Toyota Financial Services and Toyota Motor Sales, Project Maturity Program

Successfully managed this strategic consulting engagement to provide high-quality project management leadership through executive coaching, facilitated planning and PM mentoring services.  Using a multi-dimensional approach, Ms. Hass first conducted a Project Management Maturity Assessment and a complete Portfolio Audit.  The assessment was followed by detailed planning sessions to launch the Project Success Improvement Program.  The improvement program consisted of multiple projects targeted to improve project performance and achieve Project Management Maturity Level 3 including: (1) project audit and rescue of a critical strategic project, (2) facilitated project initiation workshops to ensure a strong start for new projects or new phases of existing projects, (3) implementation of a formal Project Manager Mentoring Program, (3) implementation of Project Management best practices, (4) delivery of project management training, (5) strengthening of the Executive Sponsorship and Portfolio Management Process, and (6) supplying Professional Project Managers to lead projects to augment the internal project management staff.  As Executive Coach, Ms. Hass provided leadership and guidance to the executive team throughout the improvement initiatives.  This enterprise endeavor enabled Toyota to successfully deliver critical technology projects to support critical business strategy. 

Confidential Government Agency, Professional Project Manager Certification Program

Managed this two-year project to build a four-tiered Professional Project Manager Certification (PPMC) program consisting of both project management and system engineering courses.  The Management Concepts PPMC team was comprised of instructional designers, course developers and test developers who worked with a professional test develop company.   When the program went into production in late 2004, the courses were in high demand, most filled to capacity and with waiting lists.   To help implement practices learned in the classroom, Ms. Hass and her consulting team are providing mentoring, facilitated planning sessions and customized workshops.

Colorado Springs Utilities, Using Maturity Assessments to Unleash Organization Capabilities

Lead assessor for the organizational maturity assessment conducted for Colorado Springs Utilities.  After a three-year quest to implement project management practices, the assessment was intended to advance the organization to one capable of delivering projects flawlessly.  The assessment team consisted of three senior consultants who reviewed project management practices across the organization.  The approach to conducting the assessment was multi-dimensional and included interviews with members of the management team, selection of projects to serve as a basis for the assessment, administration of surveys to project managers, individual interviews with project managers and facilitated focus group sessions.  The assessment team also reviewed project artifacts to substantiate the findings and recommendations.  Results were analyzed, scores compared, and the information was distilled by the assessment team to prepare high-impact, measurable recommendations to sustain the momentum of project management improvements. 

Created the CompassPM™ Capability Maturity Model (CompassPM™ CMM) for use by assessment teams.  The model served the basis of project management improvement strategy for the utility.  The model describes the key elements of a fully effective project management environment.  These elements were used for benchmarking and evaluation.  Considering the presence or absence of these elements, the assessment team determined a ranking of one to five for the maturity of project management processes at Colorado Springs Utilities.  The established ranking scale provides plateaus for the purpose of continuous improvement of project delivery capability.  The assessment team presented an eight-point action plan designed to achieve the next level of maturity.  

Agencies within the Federal Government, Executive Seminars and Facilitated Workshops

Conducted executive seminars and follow-on executive coaching to the Risk Management Agency Program Support Team at USDA and the USGS IT management team.  Conduction facilitated planning and risk management workshops for the National Archives and Records Administration technology transformation initiative.

Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Consulting Services

Led Risk Management, Program Planning and Team Building workshops for the SLOC Information Systems and Telecommunications teams.  Provided Project Management training and mentoring to the technology management and project teams.

The SABRE Group, Airline Group Desktop Standardization Project Consultant

Served as Program Manager Coach for the Project Initiation, Phase Reviews, Process Re-Engineering, Project Office formation, and Risk Management processes.  The project objective to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership by 25% and improve support service levels was achieved on time and on budget.

Sulzer Medica, R&D Project Management Consulting Services

Led the Project Management Office team that created project management structure for critical Research and Development projects.  Working with senior scientists, built project charters, work breakdown structures, project schedules, and risk management plans.  The effort significantly improved management visibility into the projects, thus improving strategic portfolio management decision-making.

Qwest Communications, Portfolio Management and Project Recovery Services

Led the implementation of Enterprise Portfolio Management process with the CEO team.  Integrating the process into strategic planning, the effort focused on implementing a structured project prioritization process and executive control gate reviews.  As a result, projects were strategically aligned and funded in phases based on ongoing review of risks and business case projections.

Ms. Hass also facilitated the rescue of a critical troubled project.  The project was in trouble due to the non-performance of the offshore development team, and the inability of the test team to create a viable System Integration, Verification, and Validation plan.  Ms. Hass facilitated workshops and project team meetings, leading the team through creation and execution of the recovery plan.