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Collaborative and Consensus-Building (C2) Seminars and Workshops

A sampling of the seminars and workshops offered by Kitty and her business partners appears below.



Complex Project Management Workshop

Finally Getting It Right: Complex Project Management, a 21st Century Imperative


Bring this facilitated, interactive working session to your organization to examine your most critical projects and diagnose the complexity profile. Then you will identify complexity management strategies to use to significantly increase your probability of project success.

Are you able to manage the complexities of today’s 21st century projects to:

  • Diagnose the complexity of their most critical projects

  • Identify management strategies to use to significantly increase the probability of project success.

This workshop guides you through the process to:

  • Discover the usefulness of complexity science when applied to project management

  • Examine the complexity profile of your current project

  • Explore the strategies to manage the complexity dimensions that are present

  • Update your project plans with appropriate complexity management strategies

Who should participate?  Anyone in a leadership position on a large program or project, (project/program manager, business analyst, lead technologist, chief architect, lead developer, business visionary, or product manager, etc.).


Based on the PMI Book of the Year

Managing Complex Projects, A New Model

This important contribution to Complex Project Management was awarded the 2009 PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award, to recognize and honor the best project management literature published during the previous calendar year.

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PM/BA Center of Excellence Workshop

PMO/Center of Excellence "Best Fit" Workshop


Bring this interactive workshop to your organization to to establish your PMO/COE to serve as the foundation of mature PM/BA business practices.  This session guides key stakeholders to make the appropriate "best fit" management decisions to accommodate your organization’s business strategies, culture, and current maturity levels.  Outputs include: business case, scope of authority and responsibility, operational charter, implementation plan, budget and staffing needs, measures of success, governance, and the expected value to be added to the business through the PMP/BACOE mandate.

Centers of excellence are emerging as a vital strategic asset to serve as the primary vehicle for managing complex change initiatives, a business support function just as critical as accounting, marketing, finance and HR. According to Jonathan G. Geiger,   in his article, Intelligent Solutions: Establishing a Center of Excellence, a center of excellence is a team of people that is established to promote collaboration and the application of best practices.[1] Centers of excellence exist to bring about an enterprise focus to many business issues, e.g., data integration, project management, enterprise architecture, business and IT optimization, and enterprise-wide access to information. The concept of centers of excellence (COE) is quickly maturing in twenty-first century organizations because of the need to collaboratively determine solutions to complex business issues.  This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the issues that must be considered when implementing a PM or BA COE, including:

  • Scope Considerations

  • Organizational Alignment Considerations

  • Organizational Positioning Considerations

  • Organizational Maturity

  • Implementation Considerations


Success is not final

Failure is not fatal

It is the courage to continue that counts

-Winston Churchill

Kitty has facilitated leadership seminars for various Fortune 500 and specialty organizations including: GlaxoSmithKline, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Vanguard Group, Inc. University of Southern Mississippi, Fairfax County Public Schools, USGS, and scores more.


Kitty’s style is renowned, always customized and adaptable; she uses actual client initiatives and circumstances as a basis for study and discussion. 


Whether an IT leadership team, or a group of Project Managers and Business Analysts, the participants leave with decisions made and issues resolved.

Strategy Execution

An Executive Seminar

Project-driven organizations must be vigilant and mindful about the mix of projects they invest in at any given time.  There are limited resources available as well as restricted sources of funding an organization is willing to invest in new/improved products, services, business process, and technologies.  Due to organizational constraints, management must make the difficult decisions to select only certain projects for execution ¾ postponing or cancelling others.  To achieve strategy through valuable projects, a decision framework must be in place.  In the context of scarcity where choices must be made, portfolio management provides the rational decision framework that is needed.  The purpose of this seminar is to ensure that the right project investment decisions are made in order to enable organizations to achieve their vision and remain competitive in the marketplace.  Even after selecting the right portfolio investment path, the seminar discusses the role of management to maintain surveillance over the projects, making adjustments as project risk becomes too high, new opportunities arise, and change occurs in the business environment.


Crafting a Political Management Plan

 To Drive Strategic Communications

Effective business analysts and project managers assess the political landscape including the environment, the stakeholders, the political risks, and project team personal capabilities to negotiate the politics within the organization.  Once the political circumstances are understood, the creation of a political management plan serves as the basis for strategic communications to key project stakeholders that bring about the results you need to be successful.


Senior Business Analysts

Strategy Execution Artists 

This workshop is designed for the intermediate to advanced business analyst who is transitioning from the traditional mostly IT function of systems analysis into a more strategic business analysis role.  The course will discuss the emerging role of the strategic business analyst, including:        

  • BA as Architect: Designing the new Business Model

  • BA as Strategist: Executing Strategy

  • BA as Politician: Negotiating Organizational Politics

  • BA as Negotiator: Driving Consensus Decisions