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Expert and Experienced (E2)

Virtual Consulting Program 


To Plant the Seeds to Build Mature BA/PM Practices
Offered by Kitty and her business partners, The leading industry experts in:
  • Individual and Workforce Evaluations
  • Manageing Project Complexity
  • Using Business Analysis to Execute Strategy


The E2 Virtual Consulting Program offers six months of unlimited access to Kitty by e-mail, phone, web meetings, or even in person if convenient for both parties.  During the sessions, Kitty helps people implement improvements to build mature organizational practices, including standard tools and methods, professional development programs, centers of excellence, and much more.  In addition, Kitty provides support and guidance to effectively manage the project portfolio, to prioritize and manage projects based on business benefits, and to manage project complexity dimensions.

The nature of the sessions is dependent on your specific needs.  The sessions can be of strategic nature, or as simple as providing samples and templates for critical artifacts, and reviewing them after they are created, e.g., a business case, a BACOE charter, workshop agenda, proposal, requirements model or document, or white paper. The fee is $2,500, which distinguishes those who are serious about improving project performance, and is easily recouped through mutually-agreed upon measurements that directly impact the bottom line.

To begin the process, we collaboratively reach a decision as to the nature and scope of the program tailored to your needs and business drivers. Once I have conducted discovery about your current situation and business needs, we develop a coaching plan and establish measureable goals for the sessions. Kitty commits to being responsive to your needs, returning voice and e-mail messages in a timely manner, usually the same day. Feel free to contact me for more information at kittyhass@comcast.net